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Sep. 26th, 2010


Meme Thing~~

This looked like it might be fun.... Stolen from a bunch of people~

Ship and anti ships!
Give me a character from any fandom I know fairly well, and I will tell you:
B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Jul. 23rd, 2010

Texas Keep-Away

Fanfic: Of Ropes and Crushed ice.

Title: Of Ropes and Crushed Ice
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage and almost-written smut....
Characters/Pairings: Russia/America
SummaryI don't even know. America bound to a bed--that's pretty much all there is to it.

Done for mine and jaderhade 's challenge thingie. I believe she told me to post it, so I'm posting it. And there's a reason I don't write smutty fics. this is why. x'D


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Jun. 20th, 2010


Not Dead

I'm not dead! Just atrociously inactive.... Ah, I do have some things to show for my absence, though? :3

First is Fanfic.

Title: A Million Years Comes Awfully Fast
Rating: PG?
Warnings: No historical relevance what-so-ever, cross-dressing and mild language. Blame jaderhade for this.

“So tell me again; why did you need me to come to this hotel an hour before the meeting starts?” Collapse )

I also have some sketches from forever ago.

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In other news.... I've decided that if I should ever attempt drawing anything complicated in pen again, I should promptly break my fingers. It will be less painful that way.

Now I am off to draw nations in lace and thigh-highs. Or possible eye-kink. I really can't decide. )))

Apr. 5th, 2010


Anime Boston

Brits have got the monarchy

The US has the money

But I know that you wanna be Canadian~


I'm not sure how I hadn't heard this song until Anime Boston, but I hadn't and I'm almost ashamed of myself because of it...


Speaking of which... Anime Boston was a blast, Hetalia took over in a scary way, but a bunch of the cosplayers that I found were pretty awesome. At the very least, a good chunk of the 18+ ones were fabulous. A lot of the new fan-base was... weird, and I'm kind of nervous about Hetalia coming into the states completely, because of it. I remember when the Hetalia anime was just starting to come out....


I did indeed cosplay, but I don't know if I should post pictures. I cosplayed as casual!Canada, and carried around a giant bear with me. )))) Next year hopefully I'll have a Russia or have finished my pirate!Iggy costume~ Or sooner, depending, since I want to try finding events in the area... -ponders-


I do have to say, I hate that AB is over… so many nerds in one place.  I met some interesting people as well, though I don't know if I'll be able to find them again. ^^; No one on my campus likes Hetalia (in fact the two other people who like anime here dislike it strongly) and so I have no one here to geek out about it with or cosplay with, so I end up just doing it alone. ^^; Hopefully though, I'll be able to find a cosplay meet or something this year, because that would be most wonderful. -loves cosplay-


Anyway, random entry is random~

-scuttles off-

Mar. 15th, 2010



Hehe. I enjoyed drawing this.

Yeah, that's Russia. >w> I can't seem to draw anything BUT Hetalia atm. ^^;;; xD 

Totally forgot his scars. >>; Oh well.

And yes.... Shinatty just had to be there. >>; Probably won't be in the colored version, but I felt compelled to toss him in. >>;;;
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Feb. 28th, 2010


Almost Sunflowers

Another fanfic.  A request from the kink meme. The request was a RussiaxAmerica fic. written about America comforting a sick or depressed Russia after the fall of the USSR.


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Feb. 24th, 2010


Fan-Fic what?

Well, this is my first fan-fic ever, and it... kind of sucks. But it needed to be written. Really. Done for pyrrhiccomedy who read something about a rather... amazing club event in Russia, called Spank America Decent. I couldn't resist writing something, and I had wanted to practice writing short drabbles, so... it was my excuse. xD Anyway, Hetalia fanfic... Whee... BTW is not edited. Oh well.
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Feb. 19th, 2010


Random Entry is Random

This week was pretty interesting. Most of my time has been spent with Hetalia, rewatching and then listening to all the drama's I could find from it. >>; I feel like I'm a tad bit obsessed with the series, but that's okay, ne? Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji are my two favorite series/fandoms and I get hyper happy about both. xD 

And now I'm watching the olympics for some reason. I'm liking the hockey part, and the Curling part was kind of interesting. xD I didn't even know that sport existed! Jajaja. I watched the end of the hockey game last night too. It was interesting. =] Then I got called to the print lab at 10.30 to help friends out with printing right after Canada won.

I kinda wanna roleplay, but I don't really have anyone to rp with. -ponders- So I may just end up filling my night with the olympics and maybe drawing and maybe some j-doramas. I need to finish Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and Tokyo Dogs. That'll probably be my weekend too. My two friends are going home for the weekend, so I'm stuck in the dorm rooms alone. xP  But, I'll find some way to make it interesting. Maybe j-rock style my hair out... I have the right cut and it might be kinda fun to play around with the styling. I'll probably end up going to the mall at some point too to get some manga.

Anyway, I think this is over-tired rambling, so I'll stop now. Ciao~

Feb. 3rd, 2010


Short Story-- Click

A/N: Just a short and rather random story I came up with on the fly. Definitely not my usual topic or setting. x'D



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Jan. 9th, 2010


New Years

New Years Resolutions: 

1. Do my best, or at least try to. >>;
2. Finish editing Poison.
3. Finish the year better than I started it.
4. Make friends.
5. Try and post more often... maybe....

There was one more, but I forgot it. lol So I guess it wasn't important.

And now I'm off to watch the telly and read. =]